“To me, photography is capturing details that trigger the feeling in what I see”

This is how each photo, a portrait, a situation, an assignment or the detail of a product, becomes unique.
Good lenses and natural existing light are the ingredients.

When describing my style, the words raw, elegant and intimate come to mind.
It’s my nomadic and curious nature to always wonder if it’s possible to capture the detail that triggers the feeling in my seeing.
This has always lead and guided me in all the images I’ve shot.
Attaining and refining the skills of observing light and setting intentions allow me to perform at the edge of what is possible during shoots.
I love creating and finding unforeseen possibilities that enable me to capture images I didn’t know I was going to make but always with a result focussed intention to do so.
This is how I can endlessly create and give expression of the feelings in my seeing.

About Jasper Faber;
“As a portrait and travel photographer, Jasper Faber has been passionately capturing people, landscapes, campaigns and objects around the world. After gaining extensive experience behind the camera in film and tv, Jasper decided to dedicate his career to his first love.
Working as an independent photographer for international clients and magazines, Faber works intuitively and decisive. He likes to capture his subjects in a moment of authenticity and vulnerability, which always results in powerful, extraordinary and intimate images”.