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I like focussing

The motion and feeling of focussing

The sensation of how my hand feels the lens

This mechanical tool that has the ability to capture emotion of an object or person in a moment of time.
I can sense the precision of how it is made by the designer and how it enables me to find the focus through focussing

There is an awe and immense admiration for the one who invented and made this possible

Designed by a mathematician, a technical engineer, a designer or the one with a passion.
In my eyes a true artist, who was able to create a mechanical instrument, that just by its design of working and through friction of metal and glass elements can find focus.

The ever changing angles of light that reflect from the object or person into my lens

Into my eyes
Into my focus
Into my soul

A thread of a piece of clothing, the details of an object

Finding such focus is magic to me.
Suddenly out of nowhere, out of the unfocused, comes into focus that exact thing/moment/object or person that wants to be seen

The soul of a person captured through his eyes
A moment in life
that wasn’t there before

The space filled with a mystic, almost sacred energy, when a person is lost in his love and passion for what he or she does.

The passion and desire to do what they love doing the most.

When that focus comes into focus, silence surrounds me.

The motion of focussing is always the same but that what appears into focus is never the same

It shows and tells me who somebody is, known or unknown to the outside world.
It challenges me to figure out how an object is made.
I can truly sense every object has its own soul

The soul by whom it was designed or it’s purpose of being
Their attention, the love, the craftsmanship behind each object
Even if the object seems to be worthless at first sight, still a person thought of it, dreamt of it and so brought it into existence.
Gave it their soul value and purpose in life.

For me, this is the magic and source of life

From people to cars, factory machines, pots and plants, to paperclips
Finding that focus is priceless to me

Capturing it,

Well that is the result of what wasn’t there before